In the environment silicones are ultimately converted to silica, silicic acid, and carbon dioxide, primarily through non-biological degradation processes such as hydrolysis or photolysis, and through biodegradation by biological ogranisms. Source:
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The Technology SILVADUR™ uses a patented polymer technology to deliver silver ions via an “intelligent control” mechanism. When odor-causing organisms land on the surface of treated fabrics, the silver ions interact with them, resulting in effective microbe-derived odor control SILVADUR™ odor protection technology is particle free and readily water-dilutable, forming phase stable and solids-free finishing
Innovative Solution for Textile Production Anti microbials, Fungicides, Enzymes Solutions $50MM++ Microbial Preservative, Odor Control, & Enzymatic Bioactives Portfolio Applications Science, Delivery Systems, Odor Science, Formulating Expertise, Processing Efficiencies Sustainable Chemistry Expertise in Fabric Production & Finishing Treatments   SILVADUR™ Value Proporsition: Effective & Reliable PERFORMANCE Offer superior Odor Prevention Performance with 3 Modes of
The following four test methods are currently approved for evaluating application efficiency, technology performance, and wash durability for SILVADUR™ treated fabrics. Colorimetric Test for Rapid Identification of SILVADUR™ in Textiles Antimicrobial Test Method for Antibacterial Performance: ASTM E3160-18 or equivalent such as AATCC 100 – 2019 test method Performance Durability by Washing Methods: ASTM E3162-18

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