Biopolytech Goes LIVE!

Posted on 07 Feb , 2018

As we all experience today, the world has become a global community through the development of technology. Rapid communications have been possible via our smartphones. The people today even shop online for their needs. Transportation is within our reach through technology. Almost every information is available online!

These developments in the world, even in the business in Indonesia today, have pushed PT Biopolytech Innovation as a company to grow to that direction. To accommodate our business today, we want to narrow the gap between us and our potential/loyal customers. Information about our company should be easy to obtain; as well as our products.

After months of mapping, designing, constructing, bug testing, and optimizing...

PT Biopolytech Innovation finally launches this website (!

We hope that this online platform could help you to obtain information about different product applications and how it can improve your process. We would also like to share the latest news about our chemical innovation and solution for your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help! :)