Fluids & Emulsions


Product Category Benefits
Auto appearance chemicals
silicone fluids, blends, emulsions and formulation aids for creating formulations that impart shine, durability, water repellency and feel to automotive surfaces, including waxes, polishes, rinse aids and protectants/conditioners for tires, vinyl, leather and trim
Silicone release agents
used in applications including die cast, mold, tire, plastic and concrete release to provide quick release from molds (such as tires and food containers) and lubricity and slipperiness in applications that use rollers (such as newspaper presses and conveyor belts)
Fluids and blends
volatile and non-volatile silicone fluids that cover a wide range of viscosities and functionality (dimethyl, amino, phenyl, alkyl, amido, carbinol, high RI)

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