Varisoft® 222 LM (90%)


VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is a ditallow diamidoamine ethoxylated quaternary
softener concentrate. VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is a fluid, cold-water dispersible softener concentrate


  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is economical to use.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is highly substantive and imparts a soft, dry, fluffy hand to treated goods.
  • White goods treated with VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) show very little yellowing.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is a flowable concentrate which is readily dispersible in water in concentration ranges of 3 – 25% actives.
  • On nylon, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene fabrics, VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) exhibits excellent antistatic properties.
  • Independent testing of VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) confirms antiozonate properties.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is resistant to phenolic yellowing.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is a cationic surfactant compatible with nonionic, amphoteric and cationic finishing products.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) exhibits good stability to acids, alkalis, electrolytes and hardness salts


  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is recommended for finishing and preparation of yarns, woven and knit goods made of natural and synthetic fibers (polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile), as well as their blends.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is particularly recommended for the treatment of cotton and cotton blends such as knit, will and terry cloth.
  • VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is suitable for application as a single component from aqueous dilutions by padding or the exhaust method.
  • For economical performance enhancement, VARISOFT® 222 LM (90%) is easily formulated with alkylpolyether siloxanes or α, ∞ silicone diquaternary softeners