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SILVADUR™antimicrobial is a revolutionary microbial control technology that provides long lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria in clothing, uniforms, home textiles, industrial fabrics and more. The SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology ensures that unpleasant odors, decay, and discoloration can't occur in textile fabrics because bacteria won't form or grow in the first place. SILVADUR™ could be applied easily and we provide the technical expertise for SILVADUR™ application! 

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Xiameter™​​​​​​​ PMX-200

Silicone Fluid: Polydimethylsiloxane/Dimethicone series

Xiameter™ PMX-200 Silicone Fluid, manufactured to yield linear polymers in a wide range of average kinematic viscosities.

Properties: colorless, clear polydimethylsiloxan fluid, an active ingredient in a variety of automotive, furniture, metal and specialty polishes in paste, emulsion and solvent-based polishes and aerosols. 

Application: including cosmetic ingredient, elastomer and plastics lubricant, electrical insulating fluid, foam preventive or breaker, mechanical fluid, mold release agent, surface active agent, and solvent-based finishing and fat liquoring of leather.

For more information, you can find the data sheet here.



Silicone-based, organic-based, and organic modified siloxane based softener

TEGOPREN® 6923 is a self-dispersible quaternary silicone for hydrophilic textile finishing. 

Application: TEGOPREN® 6923 is recommended as substantive, high performance softening agent with rewetting properties ideal for textile applications.It provides excellent softness for non-wovens and fabrics made of native or synthetic fibers. It is also recommended as a component for diverse preparations.

Benefits TEGOPREN® 6923 gives outstanding softening performance, hydrophilicity and excellent non-yellowing behavior. It is self-dispersible in cold water when used up to 10% actives. For higher concentrations only minimal amounts of emulsifier are required to stabilise the microemulsion. Its micro emulsions show good stability at high shear rates.

Feel free to check out the data sheet here



Antifoam: 20 percent active, food-grade, silicone emulsion

XIAMETER™ AFE-1520 is a water-dilutable foam prevention in food and chemical processes. It is economical, easy to use, effective in both hot and cold systems, as well as effective in low concentration.

It is easily applied in food processing, chemical, agrichemical, beverage manufacturing, meat, poultry and seafood applications, chemical fermentation operations, waste water treatment, as well as vegetable processing.

Feel free to check out the data sheet here


Tannex® GEO

Special multipurpose versatile compound for wet processing of textile goods made of natural and synthetic fibres

TANNEX® GEO, a natural clay based product, has many outstanding properties, which can be successfully applied in textile processing. The ability to absorb many organic substances makes it a very good scouring agent for many fibres, such as cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends. Its composition makes it an outstanding bleaching stabilizer for bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.

The application of TANNEX® GEO brings positive impact in the waste water treatment aspect of the textile industry. Total COD, BOD, and TSS values are decreased if the product is used in the bleaching process. 

TANNEX® GEO really is a multipurpose all-in-one product.

(Tannex® GEO Brochure)