Product Function
Durapret LF Plus Methylated glyoxal resin, pre-catalysed for easy care and wrinkle free finishes. Free HCOH < 75ppm
Bioterge ST Versatile wetting and scouring agent for all fibers. Can be used in continuous and exhaust. Anionic, terpenic base
Silsof NS Hydrophilic silicone micro-emulsion
Biosoft SBS Excellent general softener for all type of fibers with anti-static and hydrophilic properties
Suprafix FR CON Formaldehyde free fixing agent for direct and reactive on cellulosic fibres, in high concentration firm
Flamgard FMB A semi-durable flame retardant finish for cotton fabric
Flamgard UCR A semi-durable flame retardant for polyester. cellulosic fibers and its blends
Flamgard PE Flame retardant is a high-molecular weight phosphate ester for polyether, high-resilience and molded foams. It is particularly suited for automotive furniture applications where resistence to migration after ageing is flammability standards requirement.
Bioguard 400S Excellent water and oil repellent effect · Durable after repeated washing or dry cleaning

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Brand Unit Textile Chemical

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